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Embroidery and Embroidered Mounted

Embroidery and Embroidered Embroidery

Su embroidery focus on needle changes, the current commonly used needle method: Qi pin, scattered sets, the needle, the actual needles, chaos needle, RBI, poke yarn, needle, needle, hit the child, , Rush and so on. From the original more than 10 kinds of commonly used to the current four or fifty species. Su embroidery needle can be divided into: chaos needle embroidery and embroidery two categories.
Su embroidery focus on needle changes, the current commonly used needle method: Qi pin, scattered sets, the needle, the actual needles, chaos needle, RBI, poke yarn, needle, needle, hit the child, , Rush and so on. From the original more than 10 kinds of commonly used to the current four or fifty species.

Su embroidery needle can be divided into: chaos needle embroidery and embroidery two categories.
Su embroidery according to the perception can be divided into: single-sided embroidery and double-sided embroidery two categories.
Suxiu according to the use of points can be divided into: ordinary categories (tourism products), portrait category, greeting cards (patented products), gifts

Traditional acupuncture and its use

One, straight embroidery
1, straight needle: completely with the vertical line embroidered forming body, line up the needle all in the edge, all parallel row than the edge of the neat. Color is a unit of a color line, no and color. The needle is too long place to line nail, and later evolved into a needle plus needle.
2, knotted needle: is a short line of oblique lines wrapped around the shape of embroidery, there is a needle from there to the side of the needle, the direction is the same.

Second, the needles:
The needle is a needle that shows the curved body. Including needle, needle, needle, needle four. Which cut the ear first, after the development of the needle.
1, cut needle: also called "thorn needle". Needle and needle connected to the thorn, the second needle to be connected to the first needle of the original eye from the needle, stitching as fine as the fish, the so-called "a sesame three needle" is in this.
2, the needle: straight needle lines can be elongated, but too long line loose and will be thrown. The needle can extend the lines, but the pins are exposed.
3, needle roller: needle is also called song needle, needle and tighten the embroidery. The second needle into the first needle in the partial before, pressing the line, the pin hidden in the line, the third needle to take the first needle at the end of the front, the following and so on.
4, Needle: is a needle or needle method of hovering and embroidered a needle method. Embroidered when, along the shape of the thread with a short needle dial needle, uniform and not exposed pins.

Third, the needles: began in the Tang Dynasty, popular in the Song Dynasty, to the Ming Dynasty Lu Hong Park Gu embroidery, clean up the Shen Shou, the further development.
1, single sets: also known as flat sets. Its embroidery is: the first batch from the edge of the needle, the edge of the neat; the second batch of the first batch of the needle, the first need to stay in a gap to accommodate the second batch of the needle; Into the first batch of the end of a PCT, and then leave the fourth batch of the needle gap; the fourth batch and access to the second tail of a PCT ... ... then; and so on.
2, double sets: two sets of embroidery method and the same set of embroidery method is the same, but more than a single sets of deep, short batch number. It is the fourth batch and the first batch of access, that is, the second batch of access to the first three quarters, the third batch of access to the first two quarters, the fourth installment of the first batch of four In one place.
3, wooden comb sets: the embroidery method and the same set of single, but loose than a single set. It is in the first batch of the edge, the second batch in the first half of the needle, every line of a needle, the second batch of access to the first tail of a PCT, left in the second batch The gap in the folder.
4, sets of sets: the embroidery method, such as a single set, but the mouth of the first batch of needle, embroidered a number of small number of needle, approved possession of short needle. Embroidered to the end, the surrounding lines are concentrated in one eye, a group of a number of over, like a single set.
5, partial hair sets: embroidered birds hair sets of law, that is, embroidery hair sets of law. The method of the city: According to the lines of wool hair sets of embroidery, sets of law and double sets of the same, but the line slightly length. Therefore, some people call it "long sleeve".
6, live hair sets: embroidery is the needle with the needle. There are two sets of its sleeve method: one is the first flat embroidered three-pin, and then in the third needle with a needle cross needle. This embroidery law has a certain law, are a group of embroidered up. The second is inside the tight, outside with a radial shape, from outside to inside embroidery, the second batch of lines covered in the previous batch of half of the needle, according to the shape of the animal's turn. Also used to embroidery with two kinds of embroidery.

Four, shake and needle: a long needle. This needle is a long needle mixed with the needle, the needle from the middle of the middle of the needle out of the mouth is not the same, with the color and smooth the advantages of embroidery can be used to imitate the image.

Five, grab needle: also called the closure of the needle, is a straight needle along the posture of the body, after the needle following the needle, a group of a few to grab up the needle. It can be said that this needle is the development of straight needle.

Six, flat needle
1, flat needle: gold and silver wire is replaced with silk embroidery method. The method: first with gold or silver wire tile in the embroidered above, and then to the thread short needle tie, each needle from a minute to a half, according to the embroidery pattern and roundabout filled, there are two rows of , There are many rows. Tie the line to the flower, such as cross-shaped lines, as the bar soles pattern.
2, nail line: nail line is a special fine line instead of gold thread embroidery method. This color line called brown line, also called the package line. Its embroidery and flat gold similar, because it is more thread color, embroidery objects are much more than Ping Jin Guang.

Seven, misplaced needle: it is a variety of changes in the use of acupuncture to achieve a moderate degree of yin and yang, and strive to embroidered the body realistic.
1, scattered needle: is the needles, needle, needle, long needle with a mixed needle method.
2, the actual situation of the needle: is virtual, real and use to the real virtual needle method.
Chaos needle: chaos needle is Mr. Yang Shouyu created in the 40s of this century embroidery method. This needle is irregularly with the needle with the line, with long and short lines cross-overlapping forming, first mixed with the end of the color line, and then cross the other color lines, according to the background to reconcile the number of times the number of overlapping, until the shape so far The

8, embroidery: it is a similar embroidery embroidery method. It includes poke yarn, RBI, plush, net embroidery, folder Kam, cross peach, velvet embroidery and so on. These needle methods are suitable for embroidered patterns, so they can be called "pattern embroidery."
1, poke yarn: also known as yarn, has long been popular, is directly changed by the straight needle.
2, RBI: also called slash and a trace of string, is a kind of deduction method of poke yarn. RBI of the embroidery method is: to San Si Luo for the ground, with the line in the Luo's cross on the buckle a needle. But it can also be made of yarn or relatively coarse cloth.
3, bedding: also called the cashmere or deflated velvet, that is, pick the flower, it is similar to the weaving method of poke yarn. The embroidery method: first in the field to prepare the flower, with white silk to do warp, each silk separated by half or one third, one quarter, the arrangement must be very uniform.
4, net embroidery: embroidery embroidery embroidery and other embroidery method is different, is the shape of the network to do embroidery pattern, with parallel lines and another group of parallel lines into a variety of shapes. Embroidery is an ancient embroidery method. In the past popular in rural areas, most people use it to embroidered aprons, shoes, clothing edge, take the lead and so on.
5, folder Jin: This embroidery method is different from the net embroidery, empty eyes, and is filled. It can be in the shape of the fruit like a variety of pattern pattern.
6, cross pick flowers: also known as Rachel. This type of flower is similar to the buckle in the poke. However, the buckle method is oblique, and cross the buckle is deducted cross, with countless cross scales to form a variety of soil patterns.
7, velvet embroidery: poke yarn and the buckle method is similar. It is to burlap for the ground to plush line instead of flowers. Because the plush line color is not easy to fade, reflective than the small thread, so it has a unique style.

9, Rao embroidery: This is a needle and thread phase around, buckle into a needle embroidery. Seedling, zipper, buckle embroidery, braids and chicken needle, belong to this category.
1, seed: it is one of the traditional embroidery embroidery. You can use it embroidery flower, you can also embroidery pattern painting.
2, pull the lock child: also known as knock down the seed, with this needle embroidered embroidery exquisite and strong, by the small abrasive will not be damaged. Use it to embroidery in the daily necessities of the pattern, like the disc plate and shed shed only the pattern is neat and beautiful.
3, buckle embroidery: buckle embroidery needle method is used to buckle the edge, so in the past called it "lock edge". Modern popular flower is a very wide application of this method. It can buckle a variety of patterns, and there are a variety of deduction method.
4, braids stocks: This is one of the earliest use of acupuncture. The first needle from the bottom up to start, the second needle in the first needle where to wear poke, the line to stay in the above, the needle forward about one point to wear, set in the coil tight Line, it becomes a coil, and then continue to buckle into a braid stock.
5, chicken needle: This needle is used to embroidery the pattern of daily necessities on the needle. Embroidered long floral leaves or long feathers can use this needle method.

10, the needle: the needle is added to his needle needle method. This needle method requires sparse and not dense, and not, and live without stagnation, mixed and not Qi.

11, the auxiliary needle: This type of needle is not an independent embroidered body of the needle method, but in order to enhance the embroidery scene shape and look of the vivid use of the auxiliary needle method. Classified as this type of acupuncture are: auxiliary needle, needle, engraved needle and so on.
1, auxiliary needles: need to use the needle, engraved scales, the first straight with long needle embroidery, so that full of flat embroidery, which is the auxiliary needle.
2, the needle: the needle for the appropriate embroidered crane, heron, side, eagle, chicken, crow, magpie and the like claws. When embroidered, first with a straight needle, then the cross needle on the straight needle above, as bar objects, and finally tied into the pattern of claws.
3, engraved needle: it is embroidered with a scaly image of the needle. Such as bar scales, grab scales, stacked scales, scales and other species.

12, variants embroidery: embroidery, there are some tools, materials and methods, so that conventional embroidery changes in the special embroidery method, is the variant embroidery, including embroidery, fill painting embroidery, color embroidery, High embroidery, pick Ling and cut cashmere and so on.
1, embroidered embroidery: Yuan Dynasty embroidery in the characters, flowers and birds with ink to describe the purpose of painting to embroidery. Embroidery method is from here to start, still in use.
2, by color embroidery: This is embroidery, painting parallel method. There are three kinds: one is embroidered by the embroidery of the painting to help coherent. The other is Lian Xiu, that is, in the painting of the embroidered surface, along the draw of the pen, with rare lines embroidered in the above to show the glory. There is also a way to reduce the color of the embroidery.
3, fill painting embroidery: This is also a painting, embroidery parallel method. But it only embroidered a small part of the image or embroidered the main part or embellishment.
4, high embroidery: its characteristics are so that a part of the embroidered objects from the high, so that the embroidery image of the three-dimensional sense of enhanced.
5, pick aya: thin leaves picked into flowers, and the other with the line in the embroidered film.
6, cut cashmere: This method is the original Western embroidery method. Because it is easy, easy to learn, so people often use it to embroidered children's saliva, pillowcase and the like. You can also use this method embroidered works of art.

Double - sided embroidery and double - sided three - embroidered

Two sides embroidery: also known as double embroidery. This is in a piece of material, a needle at the same time embroidered positive and negative colors of the same pattern of embroidery. It is different from the single-sided embroidery: single-sided embroidery method only to the front of the work, the opposite of the pin line how can no matter; and both sides of the embroidery requires both positive and negative as uniform and uniform.
Sided three different embroidery is based on the two sides of the invention of different colors, but also on the development of double-sided color embroidery. Its characteristics are: embroidery both positive and negative, different needle, different color. That is, both sides of the corresponding pattern of different parts, different acupuncture, color is different. It can make the viewer can enjoy a variety of embroidery patterns, different needle, different colors of embroidery art image. This kind of embroidery, in the history of embroidery and embroidery in China is also unprecedented.
Su Xiu pay attention to the thickness of flowers, a flower line of 1/2, said "one velvet", 1/12 thickly called "a trace." "Split wire" is about a flower is divided into several copies. Pay attention to the rational use of line and silk changes. But also according to the different cloth, color and subject matter, not only flexible integrated needle, and the thread splitting the thickness of fine, so as to fully express the image of the image of the object. Such as embroidered goldfish fish tail, with the line to be fine, row of pins to be virtual, to the performance of light, transparent sense. Embroidered fish body lines will be slightly rough, needle needle in order to show a sense of vigorous. Another example is the embroidered stone, old trees stem, etc., line thick, row of need not be too uniform. Another example is the embroidered cats, according to the law of changes in the law of silk hair silk, embroidered out of the cat furry terrain million words vivid and vivid. Su embroidered artists are good at summing up the experience of inventive, secondary embroidery, double-sided embroidery, and have succeeded in creating double-sided heterochromatic embroidery, double-sided alien embroidery and other new works.

Suxiu features: can be summarized as flat, Qi, fine, dense, uniform, smooth, and, light eight words. On the pure appreciation of the art of embroidery, it is a needle on behalf of the pen, the accumulation of silk from the line. Techniques, acupuncture is the characteristics of "and color without a trace, even ironing paste, silk clear, light hair loose fast" four words. It can be said that the Soviet Union embroidery technology is in the embroidery reflects the style of the new works have been further developed and improved.

Embroidery mounting method:

Embroidered mounts are divided into two kinds, one is soft mounted, one is hard mounted.

Soft mounting: and China's traditional phonics mounting method, as mounted directly on a special paper.
Features: easy to carry, easy to transport, suitable for collection, regardless of size can be rolled up to close in a special tube. Embroidery requires a short needle angle, work needs special fine. The main drawback is vulnerable to the impact of wet weather and shrinkage deformation, in the process of mounting the first water must be embroidered with embroidery, embroidery with a certain degree of silk thread, easy to make the thread after the loss of luster, thus affecting the embroidery The color. The mounting time is long and takes about a week.

Hard mounted: now mounted embroidery process commonly used in the mounting method. After the completion of the embroidery, directly on the Diaozi put embroidered works with glue on the special thin wood board, until the glue completely stick to remove the Diaozi, and then with a good decorative cardboard, and then framed.
Features: color is not distorted, the collection can not be deformed, mounting time is short. But the big embroidery is not conducive to carrying.

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