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How to match the national style embroidery dress

How to match the national style embroidery dress
Embroidery is one of the elements of the national style, in China is a long history of hand culture. The traditional embroidery applied to the clothing above, not only inherited a deep national culture, but also the culture to the world. Here we come to learn how to match the national wind embroidery dress best to see!
 How to match the national style embroidery dress
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With a: dark green V collar national wind embroidery dress + black patent leather high heels + pearl necklace
Skirt hem embroidery crafty, beautiful and non-language can. The color of the flowers are bright, with the effect of dark green background as a strain of living flowers, it gives the whole glory of the brilliant vitality, regardless of wearing any occasion will give people a bright feeling. V tie with a small sexy, but also help you show the feminine wise choice.

With two: national wind embroidery irregular hem knit dress + blue jeans
When a piece of clothing to add a beautiful embroidery, it is no longer a lifeless life, but full of vitality of the works of art, since ancient times people like to use it to the decay of the magic. This embroidery inlaid in black, especially bright and moving. The image of flowers is like lotus, beautiful and beautiful.

With three: red and black stitching lace embroidery European root dress + black fish mouth high heels
Red and black stitching that rich feminine is also very suitable for use in dress. Its hem is used in multi-layer Euclidean yarn composition, elegant, romantic, elegant and elegant color. Upper body in the red fabric dotted with black lace embroidered sexy charming, distributed strong charm.

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