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National wind embroidery coat how to match

National wind embroidery coat how to match
How to match the embroidery of the United States for many years still continued in the world, turned into a touch on the clothes amazing, decorated with the charm of women. National wind embroidery cotton with the skills we can understand, let yourself wear out the classical charm.
 National wind embroidery coat how to match
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With 1, national wind embroidery cotton + white sweater + brick red high waist casual pants
Every girl's wardrobe must have a white sweater inside, comfortable and clean, with the national customs embroidered cotton coat, very temperament. A brick red casual pants can be a good modification of the leg lines.

With 2, national wind embroidery short paragraph cotton + black pants + black boots
Embroidery pattern National flavor full of a short paragraph of cotton, large hair collar hats and some small playful, with black pants and black boots, but also can change the different style.

With 3, the Chinese red national wind embroidered cotton + black leggings + boots
Pure Chinese red represents auspicious, these good signs with red passionate character, so by a lot of girls love. Cotton on the two pairs of crossed with the line, so that the placket different, unconventional. Sleeves on the embroidery process is very detailed, the overall slender tailoring can better shape a good body. A black leggings and boots better against the coat of the bright.

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