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Chinese embroidery stunning Paris

Chinese embroidery stunning Paris

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, June 1 (Xinhua Zhang Man) "great!" "Too refined, incredible!" "More beautiful than painting, too vivid!" ... ... "Fairview Silk Road" China fine embroidery art exhibition 6 On the 1st day at the Paris Chinese Cultural Center on the banks of the Seine, 33 pieces of embroidery boutique were unanimously praised by the presence of French guests.

Paris Chinese Culture Center, Chinese and foreign cultural exchange center and the Swiss embroidery research center co-sponsored the art exhibition, exhibits related to people like embroidery, animal and plant patterns, natural scenery and religious art and other themes, in the form of embroidery reproduction of China The Qing Dynasty palace painter Yuan Jiang's "house", and Xu in the "four-arm Guanyin" and Chen Ke-yong's "big gully" and other contemporary works of famous artists.

Former French Cultural and Information Department Director of Cultural Activities, the original Jimei Museum curator Jacques Guisi in the embroidery works "A house" before the stop for a long time. "This is my first time to enjoy the embroidery works, too incredible!" He told reporters, "This embroidery is drawn from the painting, the Oriental painting compared to the West even more meaningful, and embroidery and give the work of new vitality, light and color Are so harmonious and fascinating.
People like embroidery "Qi Baishi" also attracted a lot of guests. Engaged in the work of art Anne - Mary Vanuenian said: "It is amazing, too vivid, works lifelike, Qi Baishi beard just like the same!

Guests Jacques Linna side of the magnifying glass to carefully study the exhibits of the embroidery process, while told reporters: "I had seen in the museum before the embroidery works, but never seen such a fine and delicate embroidery, the level of technology is simply incredible!

According to the Guangdong Mingrui Group Chairman, embroidery research expert Cai Minqiang introduction, the exhibition of embroidery boutique in the traditional embroidery culture to pay tribute at the same time, the use of modern high-precision technical means to complete the pre-embroidery technical preparation and masterpiece embroidery, which shows that Innovation is the source of the intangible cultural heritage of embroidery.

Li Rui, deputy director of the Sino-foreign Cultural Exchange Center, said that the art exhibition to embroidery as the carrier, showing the traditional Chinese art and contemporary art innovation and integration, hope that China and France to carry out more close cultural cooperation and exchanges, so that more audiences The essence of the two countries.

"The Silk Road is the starting point for the exchange of Eastern and Western cultures," said Su Xu, director of the Center for Chinese Culture in Paris. "It is hoped that through these exquisite works of art, the embroidery craft will be brought from the East to the West.

It is reported that the exhibition of all the embroidery works by embroidery research experts Cai Minqiang and Li Chunliang design, the exhibition will continue until June 17.

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